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This blog is dedicated to the poet, Ghanshyam (1925-2004). Though a busy civil servant, he found time for beautiful poetry. A master at playing with words, both in Hindi and English with equal elan, Ghanshyam was a well-appreciated poet in his circles. (He would cringe at my handling of words.) He never ran after fame, instead kept away from it, but one of his numerous poems in national Hindi journals made Dr Rajendra Prasad, our first president, write a personal letter to Ghanshyam.

Several of Ghanshyam’s poems were published in Hindi journals like Aajkal and leading Hindi newspapers. In his early life, Ghanshyam dabbled with journalism; he would have made a big name for himself had his family not thought of the civil services as the better profession.

People who knew him as a civil servant still vouch for his values and honesty, and those who knew him as a poet cannot but admire the way he strung words together to express deep emotions and observations. Ghanshyam and Ramgopal Sharma ‘Rudra’, a known Hindi poet from Patna used to play chess together on a daily basis and discuss literature. Rudraji, as people fondly called Mr Sharma, loved Ghanshyam’s poetry and was a constant source of encouragement.

Ghanshyam led a tough but fulfilling life in his last years, raising his youngest children.

This blog is dedicated to the poet in him.


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